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PUL Fabric

You say P-U-L I say PUL. But lets face it, both are easier to say than than polyurethane laminated fabric! But what is it?

Well, it’s a waterproof fabric which is a mix of a polyester knit cloth with a polyurethane coating. It originally was used in creating medical materials, but it’s used most extensively now in reusable nappies.

Obviously, with it being waterproof, it is well suited to the task of being the outside layer. But also, it can be produced in loads of print designs and so it’s not only practical it’s great to look at too.

What I like about it is that it is also very thin and light. When coupled with suede cloth as a lining, it makes a particularly lightweight and slim nappy that is durable and reliably waterproof.

Although it’s true that PUL fabric is non-biodegradable and will eventually end up as landfill, it is still better for the environment than regular disposable nappies and diapers. With care they can last through a few children as your family grows, taking the place of more than 1000 disposable nappies. I reckon that’s a fair deal for the planet.

We have a wide range range of unique handmade modern cloth nappies with PUL fabric. Enjoy.

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